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Blogging made easy, again.

Blogo is a powerful tool for bloggers. It is the easiest and fastest way to write, publish and manage multiple blogs.

With Blogo you can manage multiple blogs at the same time, edit pictures with a built-in image editor, preview your posts in real-time, manage comments, and work without wifi connection using the offline mode.

We help bloggers to maximize their performance. Use Evernote to create content on any platform (phone, tablet, desktop) and have everything published straight to Blogo, anytime you want, with Smart Sync.

Once you’re connected with Evernote through Blogo, a new notebook will be created. Write down your ideas and thoughts and hit the sync button and you’re done. It works both ways, so if you’re writing drafts using Blogo you can sync them with Evernote. After you’re done with your content just click to publish and spread your words to the world!

From power bloggers looking for productivity, to hobbyists looking for an intuitive and focused interface, our app provides a simple yet powerful workflow.

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