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Bubble Browser 2 is an application for visual exploration of your Evernote data. It lets you experience your notebooks, tags and notes broken down by dates with an unique, fresh (and fun) perspective. In Bubble Browser, your information is aggregated and presented in bubbles, which differ in size accordingly to the amount of data stored under a particular tag, notebook or date.

Initial version of Bubble Browser has been created as an entry for the Evernote Devcup '12 and was aimed at addressing the challenge of dealing with constantly increasing amount of consumed information. Bubble Browser 2 comes with an entirely redesigned interface and  expands the original idea by adding advanced search capabilities (like type ahead suggestions) and background data synchronization.

Simply sync Bubble Browser with your Evernote account and start navigating your data in a unique, aesthetically pleasing and approachable way.

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  • English (US), 日本語



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