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Bubbly lets you easily create short voice updates, share them with your friends and followers, and automatically save all sound updates into Evernote. Follow celebrities, sports stars and other popular users to hear their updates in their own authentic voice.

Bubbly is the only app that works across feature phones, Android and iOS devices with over 30 million people already Bubbling. Share your voice with the world today!

★ Create your own voice blog
Easily capture and share what's going on in your life wherever you are. Record in audio to add feeling and emotion, or simply use text to broadcast updates to your friends and followers. Personalize your voice posts with cool filters, effect and background music.

★ Follow friends and people who inspire you
Find and follow friends on Facebook and Twitter who are already on Bubbly. Check out other popular Bubbly users and get notified whenever they share something new on their voice feed.

★ Connect with popular celebrities
Hundreds of celebrities from countries such as Japan, Philippines, India and Indonesia are already on Bubbly. Move beyond just reading celebrity posts to actually hearing updates recorded in their own voice!

★ Share your posts on Facebook and Twitter
Bubbly lets you post directly to Facebook and Twitter with a single tap from the app. Even if your friends are not yet on Bubbly, they can still listen to your voice updates over the Web.

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  • English (US), Deutsch, ไทย, 日本語, 中文(简体), 한국어, Türkçe, Русский



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