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Clever Clip



Clever Clip is the best way to clip web pages to Evernote. Save the actual web page to Evernote - text, links, images and all with a few taps.

You can clip a whole web page and also select range you want to save.

★ Feature Highlights:
◆ Save a whole web page to Evernote
◆ Select range where you want to clip
◆ Preview - You can check clip result before upload
◆ Background Upload - You don't have to wait until upload complete
◆ Various clip styles - Simple, Styled, Only URL
◆ Bookmarklet - You can open a web page from Safari
◆ URL Scheme - You can launch "Clever Clip" from another App
◆ Thumbnail - Thumbnail will be saved in Evernote
◆ PDF - You can also save PDF files
◆ Speedy Startup Speed
◆ Stay signed in - You do not have to sign in to Evernote every time to clip.

  • Languages

  • English (US), 日本語



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