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Cloze is like a personal assistant for your professional relationships that is always prompting you at the right moment and remembering what you don’t.

It pulls from your apps to automatically create one view of every person and company - all their contact details, and your complete history - every email back and forth, your phone calls together, your meetings, your notes on Evernote, documents you exchanged and your interactions on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ll even grab email signatures so your contacts are always up-to-date.

It's all organized for you - by contact, company and meeting - without any busy work.

With everything in one place, Cloze can put advanced data science to work for you. Cloze figures out who is important and keeps them top of mind, and will even remind you to reach out to a contact and refresh a fading relationship.


Evernote and Cloze:

With Cloze, there’s no manual tagging of notes or changes to the way you use Evernote. Cloze analyzes the content of all your notes to find out what people and companies a note refers to, so it can automatically link the note to the right contact.

You can also:
Log meeting and call notes in Evernote from Cloze
Save emails to Evernote
Scan business cards with Evernote and they are automatically added to Cloze
Create a new note from Cloze

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