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Evernote Integration for Confluence




The Evernote Integration for Confluence allows you to connect your Evernote and Atlassian Confluence accounts, and copy your Evernote notes to Confluence pages. While copies are available for editing in Confluence, original notes stay unchanged in Evernote and inaccessible for anyone except you.

It comes in handy when you use Evernote to create job related notes on the go or while offline and then need to share them with your team in Atlassian Confluence. Some use cases:

  • Share in Confluence a photo you saved on your phone or tablet in Evernote
  • While at a meeting, make notes in Evernote and then post them in Confluence
  • Easily copy posts drafted offline in Evernote to have them reviewed and published in Confluence


  • Browsing notes from different notebooks and easily finding the needed ones with the help of powerful search, filtering and sorting.
  • Evernote to-do lists are converted into Confluence task lists
  • Images from notes are converted into page attachments in Confluence
  • Variety of supported content formats: gif, jpg, png, wav, mp3, amr, mpg, mp4, mov, pdf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx
  • Evernote Business support
  • Languages

  • English (US)



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