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Dragon Anywhere is a cloud-based dictation solution that lets busy professionals work faster and smarter using their mobile device. Accurately dictate and edit documents of any length by voice on your mobile device using powerful customization features.

  • Dictation commands. Quickly correct, format, navigate and even insert a photo.
  • Cloud-based speech recognition that adapts to your voice, words and corrections so it gets more accurate as you use it.
  • Custom words. Add custom words so Dragon Anywhere understands your specific terminology. Your custom words reside in the cloud so they are available on all of your devices.
  • Text macros. Define custom text macros to create forms or template text to further improve your mobile productivity across your devices.
  • Easy document management.
  • Import documents from any Evernote notebook. Keep documents in sync with the “Dragon Anywhere” notebook in your Evernote account.
  • Email your dictated text as an email body or an attachment.

Supported document formats for import and export include .docx, .rtf, .rtfd and text

  • Languages

  • English (US), Deutsch



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