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Organize your life once and for all with our easy to use task list manager!

Get It Done is a simple but powerful to-do list and project manager. Based off the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, Get It Done lets you focus on what is important for today and keeps everything else out of your way.

Add notes, tags (or categories), and due dates to each task
Quick access to all of your Evernote notebooks and notes from any device
Organize your Evernote notes by tags with our Smart Group feature
Group relevant Evernote notes and your tasks into the same folder
Rearrange lists with ease
Filter lists with tags or categories
Assign more than one tag to a task
Organize advanced lists with projects
Sync from anywhere with our online app at GetItDoneApp.com

For more information on getting started using Evernote with Get It Done, see our knowledgebase.

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