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GreenRope is a web-based CRM and marketing automation platform that combines sales, marketing, operations, and customer service into a single platform. 

With the GreenRope-Evernote connector, you get instant, realtime access to your Evernote data that applies to your contacts in your CRM.  Easily keep up to date with collaborative Evernote notes whenever you or your team references your CRM.

You can also easily import contacts from Evernote into GreenRope.  Whether you are importing scanned business cards or notes that reference contacts, your CRM is instantaneously kept up to date.  What's more, since GreenRope includes complete marketing automation, you can trigger drip campaigns, print, SMS, and any number of other automated communication methods to follow up with contacts you bring into your GreenRope account.

GreenRope is designed to be your one-stop, easy-to-use platform for managing your business.  We call it a business operating system.  With our FREE Evernote integration, running and growing your business just got that much easier.

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