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We all know web search is great for most information needs. However, there are times in the day or goals in life, work, and school where web search is ineffective. Time consuming tabs to switch and irrelevant Ad-based results make for a very mundane experience. Whether you're researching for a new job, working on a paper, or collaborating with new team members - Mya brings you relevance when it matters the most, in an elegantly powerful experience:

  •  Personalize & discover relevant sources of knowledge, including internal hooks like Salesforce.com, SocialCast & more
  •  Journal results into Evernote for life
  •  Snooze discoveries for the future
  •  Share and collaborate with peers
  •  Discover even more seamlessly with our Chrome plugin
  •  See discovery insights

Evernote With Mya.

Use Mya to enhance your Evernote workflow:

  •  Journal all the relevant stuff you find with Mya straight into an Evernote notebook - personal, public, shared or business!
  •  Spark new discoveries from your Evernote tags to trigger learning from conferences, meetings & more!
  •  Seamlessly crowdsource knowledge to/from your shared notebooks with Mya's smart tagging.

… and unlock exclusive features for Evernote+Mya users (collaborate & assign with calendars, flag notes for expert discovery & more).

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