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NoteVault lets you create powerful reports using just your mobile phone, your voice and Evernote notes.

Use the power of technology to protect your business.

The inaccurate, slow, old-school ways of doing reports leave your company vulnerable each day to disaster. With NoteVault, you’ll create Daily and Safety Observation Reports automatically using NoteVault’s Voice-Activation technology and Evernote notes to protect your company and empower your team:

  • Speak your onsite observations instead of writing them
  • Use Evernote notes and pictures to strengthen documentation
  • Greater Accuracy
  • More Comprehensive
  • Effortless and Fast

“Smart” reports are the future.

Gone are the days of static reports. With NoteVault and Evernote, you now have “smart” reports in PDF format that are as great for team collaboration as they are for documentation:

  • GPS time/location stamping
  • Photos with embedded notes
  • Automatic news and weather feed
  • Automatic team updates and alerts
  • Language translation
  • Labor, material and equipment tracking and more

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