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Sick of spending hours researching hotels for your trips? Now, you can receive custom hotel suggestions anytime you create a note in Evernote with travel dates and destinations! OLSET works with Expedia and Tripadvisor to match your exact travel preferences with sentiments from over 80 million reviews to display hotels we know you'll love.

Each hotel suggestion comes with a transparent price comparison across major booking sites so you know you're getting the best price too! Browse photos, see review sentiments and book the hotel all in a seamless, quick and user friendly experience. Welcome to the future of hotel booking.

Feature Highlights:
•We partner with Expedia and Tripadvisor and are Trustguard certified.
•See price comparison across other major travel booking sites.
•Each hotel recommendation includes detailed breakdown as to why it was chosen for you.
•Store your preferences for future travel bookings in seconds.
•24/7 Support via support@olset.com. We respond to ALL emails within 1-2 hours.

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