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Piikki is the ultimate receipt management app for iPad. It uses the device camera to capture images of receipts. Once the image is taken, it's processed to look extra neat & clean. Piikki is a real time-saver for any salesperson, CEO, entrepreneur, or anybody who wants to get rid of paper receipts and manage receipts effectively with a smart device.

In addition to an in-app document manager, Piikki can save receipts into Evernote. In Evernote, it's easy to comment, tag, and share your receipts. Piikki can also ease up the relationship with your accountant or accounting department. You can email receipts to be expensed as they accumulate during your workweek. Or even better, upload them into Evernote, and share that Evernote notebook with your accountant.

Piikki comes with many handy features, such as receipt file autonaming based on the nearest street address, password protection, and receipt categories (gas, dining, travel, utilities, and so on...). To make digitizing receipts even easier and faster, you can enable camera autoshoot in Piikki.

Piikki is all you need for effective receipt management on your iPad.

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