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The Prep Pad app pairs with Prep Pad, the smart food scale made by The Orange Chef Company so you navigate, save, and share your nutritional and culinary endeavors in the kitchen. Using simple, intuitive design, Prep Pad gives you real-time insight into your food and helps you personalize goals, visualize your nutrition, and easily adjust ingredients to reach your meal objectives.

Get the smart food scale, Prep Pad at http://theorangechef.com/products/preppad

Set your balance
Prep Pad calculates your personalized nutritional balance using USDA standards to help you determine your individual goals. Once you customize your goals, Prep Pad visualizes the nutritional breakdown of individual ingredients and entire meals so you can make decisions that count.

Find ingredients
Prep Pad gives you quick access to a database of 200,000+ food items, including brand-name items that can be scanned using the barcode scanner.

Build a meal
Add ingredients to Prep Pad one-by-one and the app will calculate the value of an entire meal. Prep Pad can also off-set the weight of any containers with the simple touch of a button.

Adjust and improve
Prep Pad visualizes the balance of your meals so you can see exactly what each ingredient is contributing. As you adjust the foods placed on Prep Pad, the app adjusts with it, giving you real-time insight into your nutrition so you to know when to make adjustments to meet your goals.

Macro v. Micro
Prep Pad is nutrient oriented, displaying macro-nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbs while also providing a standard USDA nutrition label for every ingredient and meal, so you keep track of your vitamin and mineral intake down to the gram.

Share and Save
Save and favorite you meals, recipes and ingredient information for your personal records. Share your culinary and nutritional success with integrated photo taking and description fields optimized for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Evernote.

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