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RefME is Referencing, MadeEasy. RefME allows you to simply create, edit and manage your citations in a click, online. RefME completely automates the citation process by matching your citation style with bibliographic data, metadata and much more, accurately.

Simply search via book title, journal article, DOI, ISSN, ISBN, URL and many more, to create your citations in a click. RefME allows you to create citations in over 6,500 styles and for over 30 sources including DVD’s and Legal Docs.

RefME allows you to save your citations straight to Evernote, to keep your research, smart and organised.

RefME is also synced with both the iOS and Android RefME app which allows users to scan book/journal barcodes, search via book titles, DOI, ISSN and many more, to create citations in a click. You can even save your references from RefME mobile straight to Evernote to help keep you on top of your research and citations, on the go.

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