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Remember when opening your email was fun? SaneBox will get you back to those days again.

SaneBox is like a super-smart assistant who’s been with you for years and knows what’s important to you. It moves unimportant emails from the inbox into a new folder and summarizes them in a digest, where you can quickly bulk-process new messages. The average SaneBox customer saves 12+ hours/month.

SaneBox works on top of your existing email accounts, and does so with any email provider, client or device (with the exception of POP). New subscribers enjoy the first 14 days free with no credit card required.

Additional features:

  • SaneBlackHole — Instantly unsubscribe from annoying marketers, mailing lists and newsletters
  • SaneReminders — Get a reminder if someone doesn’t respond to you
  • SaneSnooze — Snooze non-urgent emails
  • SaneAttachments — Automatically upload attachments to Evernote and other cloud storage services, and receive links instead of bulky attachments
  • SaneFwd — Automatically forward certain emails to Evernote, task managers, and more

...And many more features to enhance your existing email setup

With glowing reviews from TechCrunch, Forbes, The New York Times and emailers everywhere, you can rest assured that you will fall in love with email again. And it’s risk free—cancel and your email returns to the way it was.

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  • English (US), Español, Français, Português (Brasil)



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