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Swipes app is an intuitive to-do list which gives you the fastest way to organise any list of tasks into priorities, scheduled events and history of accomplishments. The app collects your tasks from notes, emails and docs allowing you to compare them between each other and quickly make a plan of the priorities for the day.

Swipes is fully integrated with Evernote which gives you the possibility to turn any personal, shared or business note into a task. In the app, the note title becomes a task that can be scheduled, edited and completed. All checkmarks from the note are automatically synced as action steps in the task and you always know what it the next thing to start on. Swipes has a 2-way-sync to Evernote so any changes in the to-do app will be marked in your note. Now Swipes supports personal and shared notes, as well as Evernote Business notes.


Evernote notes can be tagged with 'swipes' and automatically turned into tasks in Swipes
Checkmarks from notes can be directly synced as action steps in Swipes and managed there (edit, complete and prioritise)
Evernote notes can be attached to a Swipes task as a reference information. Learn how to use Swipes and Evernote for a simplified GTD workflow.


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