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UberConference is a free visual phone conferencing service that lets you share Evernote notes during calls. From within the call, any participant can navigate through or search their Evernote accounts for personal or business notes, and there is even a related notes feature that will suggest notes that match the names of the conference call or participants. Each participant’s view is independent, so it gives the flexibility for different people to view different files at the same time.  The person that shared each note will also see additional controls to delete a note that might have been added by mistake and to refresh content that might have been edited and updated within Evernote during the call.

After the call UberConference will automatically save call summaries to your Evernote account. Each note has a helpful snapshot of the call information, a links to shared files and recordings, photos of the people in the call, and stats on the people that talked the most and the least. With Uberconference, it's simple to join phone conferences without PINs, see who is in the call and who is speaking, and run calls smoothly with powerful call management features.

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