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Yoke supports 57 cloud apps including Evernote and 150+ card types. Yoke cards provide a quick overview of the data in user's Evernote account. Users can click the cards and items to see the detail on the Evernote's web-site. The following can be tracked in user's Evernote account:

  • Notes in a specific notebook
  • Notes tagged with specific tags, like "to-do" or "waiting-for"
  • Notes marked with reminders

Yoke features a Chrome extension which automatically bookmarks your Evernote notes and users can directly jump to the notes picked up by their Evernote cards.

Yoke-Slack integration allows Slack users to pull the exact information they want from Evernote via Yoke cards into their Slack channels by issuing a simple "/yoke" command.

Yoke has a full calendar view which will mark the remind time of the notes based on the Evernote card.

Yoke also supports instant search that helps users quickly find what they are looking for across their multiple cloud application accounts.

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