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Saferoom is a set of mobile and desktop apps that keeps your private data safe by providing zero-knowledge encryption for Evernote and other cloud services. Saferoom allows you to create new types of notes - encrypted note including different types of attachments (PDF, images, audio,video and etc.). Saferoom encrypts your Evernote notes locally and only encrypted data leaves your device. All encryption and decryption operations are done in memory and locally. To protect your data Saferoom uses AES-256 bit encryption.

Additionally, Saferoom doesn't have any accounts, and it means that your passwords are stored locally in the current device and are not synchronized anywhere and never leave your device. However, it also means that your password cannot be restored.

Saferoom Chrome Extension allows you to decrypt your notes directly from Evernote web interface. All decrypted data will be stored in memory and removed after the window is closed. Encrypting your notes is not supported in Chrome Extension due to security reasons.

All your encrypted notes are still Evernote notes, however, their content and attachments are encrypted and can be decrypted on any device with Saferoom.

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